Marine fisheries play a very important role for the economy of Thailand in terms of the sources of incomes, employment and fishery industry establishment (e.g. fish processing, ship building industry, frozen food factories, fish meal factories). Fish products are not only the important source of protein within country but also the important export products that bring substantial income to country. Fish products of Thailand mainly come from marine capture fisheries. Catch production from Thai waters used to reach 2.83 million tons. It was because not only Thai fishers are efficient in fishing but also the geographics of Thailand supports the abundance of marine resources. Thailand locates on the Southern Indochina Peninsular with two long coasts of 2,615 km in total (i.e. 1,660 km coast along the Gulf of Thailand and 955 km coast along the Andaman Sea). Furthermore, the wide continental shelf of the coast, particularly along the Gulf of Thailand, is suitable for fishing operation. However, due to the rapid development of Thai fisheries resulting in the big increase of the number of fishing vessels, as well as the adoption of high fishing technologies that enhances fishing efficiency resulting in the quick increase of catch production, marine resources in Th