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In Thailand, there are several laws related to coral protection. Both to protect live corals and coral remains Land environmental protection laws related to coral reefs include the Marine and Marine Resources Management Promotion Act 2015, and the Fisheries Act 1947 (amended 1953 and 1985). Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act 1992 National Parks Act 1961 Act Controlling the Export of Certain Goods 1939 National Environmental Quality Promotion and Conservation Act 1992 Notification of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment about environmental protection areas in some provinces, etc. 


The Naval Powers Act to Suppress Certain Offenses at Sea 1947, the Tourism Business Act and Guides 1992 and No. 2 2002, and three relevant Cabinet Resolutions, some of which are directly related to the law and some indirectly. Therefore, if any action Regarding coral, law enforcement should be taken into account. Including law enforcement agencies in the area, especially if it is a national park area. This is because coral restoration is not an exception to law enforcement. (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, 2006)

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