FIP Gulf of Thailand

Project Overview: 

The rapid decline of fisheries worldwide has prompted many parties to realize the importance of collectively securing marine life, especially in non-territorial sea waters. This trend of consciousness also has been raised among consumers, retailers government etc, under the principle of engaging in responsible fishing practices.


FIP in the Gulf of Thailand has emerged to solve the situation and developing the fishery to responsible and sustainable through the supply chain. International standards, IFFO RS, Version 2 Multi-species have been chosen to assess the fishery for finding the GAP and create the action plan to be implemented.

Gear Type

  • Otter Board Trawls

  • Pair Trawls 

  • Beam Trawls



  • By-Catch Fish (Multi-Species)



  • Gulf of Thailand, Thailand


Standard for assessment

  • IFFO RS Version 2 (Multi-Species)

FIP Stage: Action Plan Development 


FIP Leads

Organization Name

  • Thai Sustainable Fisheries Roundtable (TSFR)

Management Agency

  • Department of Fisheries

Sustainable Fisheries Roundtable