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Accelerate the Implementation of Thailand's MMPA Plan

Department of Fisheries joins discussions with 3 fisheries industry associations accelerating the implementation of Thailand's MMPA plan, The Department of Fisheries met with operators of the Thai Tuna Industry Association, Thai Frozen Foods Association and Thai Food Processors' Association to discuss ways to implement and prepare to support the enforcement of prevention laws from the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) of the United States, This will come into force on 1th January, 2023 after the Department of Fisheries has sent information to the United States on 29th November, 2021 to maintain the value of Thai aquatic animal exports.

The deputy director-general of the Department of Fisheries revealed that in the event that the United States has announced fisheries import requirements under the Marine Mammal Protection Import Act (MMPA) to assess fisheries regulations and the commercial fisheries of countries that ship products and aquatic products to the United States to reduce the impact that causes death or severe injury to marine mammals such as Dolphins, Whales, Dugongs, etc., the United States introduced the MMPA law on 1th January, 2017 and set a grace period 5 year in order for the partner countries to prepare in compliance with the MMPA rules and will come into effect on 1th January, 2023, During this waiver, Thailand can still send fishery products to sell.

However, in order to create understanding and accelerating the implementation of the National Action Plan for Marine Mammal Conservation and Management 2023 – 2027, together with the fishery industry operators of Thailand, the Department of Fisheries has invited entrepreneurs from 3 associations: Thai Tuna Industry Association, Thai Frozen Food Association and Thai Food Processors' Association Let's discuss how to proceed and preparation to support the enforcement of the said law. The Department of Fisheries has clarified the actions as follows: 1) the appointment of sub-committees and working groups to prepare and solve problems in various fields 2) prepare an action plan National Marine Mammal Conservation and Management 2023-2027 and 3) the urgent project for Marine Mammal Conservation and Management 2022, which the National Fisheries Policy Committee with Deputy Prime Minister Chairman of the Board The principle of the plan and the urgent project was approved on 19th November 2021 and Thailand has submitted information in the electronic reporting system (International Affairs Information Capture and Reporting System: IAICRS) to the United States.

On 29th November, 2021 within the time period specified by the United States, the United States took the domestic catch fishery data for benchmarking (Comparability finding) and the results will be announced around November 2022 for this matter at the policy level, it has given importance to and periodically monitored the implementation.

After the meeting to discuss Entrepreneurs understand and are ready to follow the process of the government, In which there has been a discussion with trading partners that Thailand imports products to process for export to know about the MMPA guidelines as well. The operator has created an understanding and put in place a management system for traceability to know the source as well. The actions mentioned above reflect Thailand's commitment to the conservation and management of marine mammals, said the Deputy Director-General.

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