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Another help "Chelonia mydas" Turtles are Floating in The Fragments of Net in the Hua Sai Sea

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

15th February, 2022, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by Coastal Research Center ResourcesLower Gulf of Thailand Received notification from the Rare Marine Animal Network in Hua Sai District that on 14th February, 2022, sea turtles were found floating along with marine debris in the area of villages No.​​ 6, Koh Phet Sub-district, Hua Sai District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, therefore cut off the fragments of the nets.

Then the turtles were transferred to rehabilitate at the Hua Sai Folk Fisheries Association. The results of the investigation revealed that it was a Chelonia mydas turtle, unidentified sex, carapace length 32 cm., width 31 cm., weight about 5 kg. The turtle responded well wound was found on the right front leg and the tip of the right front leg. Therefore, the turtle was taken to the Coastal Resources Research Center for further treatment and rehabilitation.

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