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Dealing with Foreign Labor and Human Trafficking Issues in The Marine Area in Pattani Province

On January 10th, 2023, the Office of Marine and Coastal Resources no.9 by Marine Resources Conservation Division Brought no.206 Marine and Coastal Resources Vessels to integrate with the officers of the Pattani National Interest Administrative Center working to deal with the problem of foreign workers and human trafficking marine area Pattani Province.

Performance results inspecting 3 fishing vessels, there are 40 workers on the fishing vessels, inspecting various licenses such as seafarers licenses employment, human trafficking, safety equipment license to use fishing gear, etc., which promotes legal fishing the inspection results of all 3 vessels have complete and correct documents no wrongdoing was found and arrest fishing vessels

Have a vessel controller along with 2 items of intermediary, consisting of 1) a motorized fishing Vessel registration number 318000423, size 19.4 gross tons. 2) 1 shell rake tool with accessories, alleging not to carry a fishing logbook while out fishing which is an offense under Section 81(2), carries a penalty under Section 152 and Section 105(2) of the Royal Ordinance on Fisheries B.E. 2558 and the Royal Ordinance on Fisheries (No. 2) B.E.2560 The incident occurred in the marine area of ​​Yaring District. Pattani Province then brought the accused together with the objects to the investigation officer, Yaring District, Pattani Province for further legal action.

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