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Department of Fisheries for Bamboo sharks Breeding Releases Artificial Coral Fields

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Department of Fisheries reveals a plan for the rehabilitation and conservation of rare or endangered aquatic species, aiming to breed 39 types of marine animals in Rayong province, which are 3 types of marine animals, including "Spotted Babylon, Bamboo sharks and Sea Cucumbers". Agricultural strategy to create value Under the 2021 Fisheries Resource Management Program, the government's policy assigns the National Fisheries Policy Committee to focus on conservation of animal species in order to maintain biodiversity, especially in rare or endangered species such as “Shark”.

Which has a management plan approved by the Board. Already The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives responded to the policy and therefore assigned the Department of Fisheries to organize activities for the conservation and management of sharks in Thailand by releasing sharks that have been reproduced back to nature.

Dr.Vicharn Ingsrisawang, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Fisheries, said Propagation of the Bamboo sharks, which is an aquatic animal that lives, is one of the activities under the National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks in the country where the baby sharks and frogs released by the Department of Fisheries have been released to nature. It was born from the breeding of parents that were collected from nature since 2020 and carried out by the Rayong Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center, in 2021 able to breed baby Bamboo sharks successfully with planning to return to nature. A total number of 100 had been released previously and 20 were released, and this latest release 40 more. The sharks, this time, were 60 days old, 15-18 centimeters long, 29 males and 11 females released on the island of Man Nok This is because the area is a suitable environment. There is also a habitat for marine animals. (Artificial coral) of the Department of Fisheries, which is a good shelter, good water quality

For people who are interested in learning the behaviour of this shark species can be viewed at Rayong Aquarium and collects and exhibits live aquatic animals. Beautiful and rare aquatic creatures As well as knowledge about the profession of fishing, fishing boats, and various types of fishing equipment. From the exhibition and museum section, This will create love and cherish for Thailand's aquatic animal resources.

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