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DMCR joins Volunteer Divers to Explore Deep Seagrass at the Samaesan Island Area

Due to receiving news from the diver network That the seagrass was found deep in the Samaesan archipelago, On November 7th - 9th, 2022, staff of the Marine Resources Research Center and the eastern Gulf of Thailand coast with volunteer divers Marine Science and Conservation Activities Center and the Thai Samaesan Island and Sea Natural History Museum. Therefore, go to the diving area to explore the sea grass in the deep water area.

From diving surveys about 10 rai, found that the seagrass cover of the species of Halophila decipiens varies between areas as follows 5% at Ancient Beach (Chuang Island) 10% - 15% at Khai Bay and Nathan beach, Koh Jan, found at a depth of 12-20 meters.

The algae Dictyota sp. was found to cover the area where seagrass was found by the seagrass areas surveyed this time. This is the first reported encounter and is a new database of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

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