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DMCR Listens to Opinions on Operations Promoting Engagement with Coastal Community Networks

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

On October 17th, 2022, the Director-General of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Chaired the meeting to understand community participation in marine and coastal resource management with the Director of Coastal Community Management and Network along with executives and staff under the Department of Marine and Coast as well as the Provincial Marine and Coastal Resources Committee qualified experts attending the meeting at the Marine and Coastal Resources Protection Center's conference room and via video conference system.

This meeting was a discussion and discussion on operational guidelines, problems, and barriers to working from the Provincial Marine and Coastal Resources Committee. coastal community network. The most important thing is to protect and protect marine, coastal, and mangrove forest resources for law enforcement. Stop crimes leading to impacts on marine and coastal ecosystems. If found to violate the laws of Marine and Coastal Resources, there will be regulatory and legal penalties by allowing offenders to heal and restore marine and coastal resources. At the same time, the Department will upgrade the Marine and Coastal Resource Protection Center to operate in a proactive manner Link missions under Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center, Illegal Unreported and Unregulated Fishing: IUU.

For this reason, ask the volunteers to protect the sea coastal community network group and the provincial marine and coastal resources committee play a role and be an important force in providing information, transmitting information, and investigating information. It also emphasized the need for measures to restore marine resources and coastal erosion especially mangrove forests. The goal setting adds more completeness by allocating arable land to people in the selection criteria.

However, the operation in each area must be heard by the people's brothers and sisters. It also promotes participation in the public sector, community sector, various organizations, and the private sector to play a role in the conservation and restoration of marine natural resources in accordance with the government's policy that attaches great importance to this matter and from now on, there will be a restructuring to upgrade the provincial marine and coastal resource centers to have the right roles and information to integrate seamlessly into the close collaboration between the DMCR, provinces, localities, and coastal communities, by 2024 the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources will establish a budget to diversify into more coastal communities supporting the people to set up a forum to meet and discuss marine and coastal resources management for greater benefits to coastal communities as well.

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