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Follow up on Seagrass Rehabilitation Ban Koh Tieb, Chumphon Province

Updated: May 17, 2023

On 2th -4th May 2023, Marine Ecology Group Central Gulf of Thailand Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center follow up on seagrass restoration in Ban Koh Tiab, Chumphon Province, which was planted in 2019 according to the integrated seagrass rehabilitation project in all sectors, was found that the seagrass survival rate was about 90% with good growth, good leaf, and root development. The average leaf length is 116 cm., The average leaf width is 2 cm., There are some clumps where the leaf is only 10-20 cm., estimated that it maybe caused by the bite of sea turtles and some aquatic animals (about 10%).

Flowering and fruiting were found in about 33%, and very few seedlings were found the average number of seagrass plants in each clump was counted at 37 plants which were planted in 16 trees from the previous year, with fishing nets, 18 species of fish, were found 3 species of crabs and 2 species of shellfish, the preliminary water quality was temperature 32.6 deg C, salinity 31 ppt, pH 7.79, depth 0.9-1.6 m., and transparency 0.5 m., sediment samples were collected for analyzing sediment particle size soil organic matter including benthic sea animals in the laboratory.

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