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Good News for Whale Watchers Found "Bruda Whale" Swimming in the Ang Thong Islands

On 18th January 2022, the head of Ang Thong National Marine Park brought in patrol officers and academic staff Go on a patrol to observe and photograph the Bruda Whale. While searching for food, 1 body is between Rok Island, Payak Island, Lae Island, Hin Taek Island in the National Park area west side Therefore, we coordinated the submission of photographs to the Department of Bruda Whale Population Classification Database in the Gulf of Thailand using Photo Identification of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

It turns out that from comparing the identity, especially the dorsal fin characteristics, which last year came to make a living in the park area During February - March, which are the same family, total 4 body.

Which usually most Bruda whales foraging live in the upper Gulf of Thailand in Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram and Phetchaburi provinces. Should be an indicator of the abundance of marine ecosystems in the Ang Thong National Marine Park as well, which the park will survey and monitor whether there will be more bruda whales entering this season or not. and will report late.

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