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Inspecting Seagrass Species in Bang Pakong Salt Fields, Chachoengsao

19th December, 2021 Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, Eastern Gulf of Thailand Coordinate with Department of Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, Upper Gulf of Thailand on the west coast Received a request to check whether it was a seagrass or not. The results of the inspection of the Naklua area of ​​the shop “The Kluea Cafe”, Song Khlong Subdistrict, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao Province Found as Ruppia maritima seagrass, widely distributed at the edge of the salt fields and in the middle of the pond approximately 10 rai from the total salt field area of ​​290 rai at a water depth of 10-20 cm. Salinity 49-75 ppt, clay and shell mud characteristics. It is a sea grass that grows naturally. The owner of the area has reported that the saltwater sage grass has been seen in the salt marshes for more than 30 years. It is a type of seagrass found only on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Currently not found in natural sources but can be found in closed water sources such as salt fields, water wells or canals.

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