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Large herd of false killer whales found at Bang Saphan Noi

On September 4th, 2022, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, Upper Gulf of Thailand, west coast. Survey of marine mammal populations and distant shore populations In the offshore area, Thongchai Subdistrict, Mae Ramphung Subdistrict, Phong Prasat Subdistrict, Bang Saphan Subdistrict, Pak Phraek Subdistrict, and Koh Talu Subdistrict, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province under an urgent project for conservation and management of marine mammals By Line transect boat survey.

The survey results during August 24th - September 4th, 2022, found a large herd of False killer whales; Prachuap Khiri Khan Province At a water depth of 28 meters, a group of herds were found swimming for food. remote observation health check It was found that the black killer whales had good physical integrity. normal respiratory rate and quality of respiration Some found wounds on the skin from herd behaviour.

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