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Loss to Conservation Cabinet Approve Draft Announcement of the Marine Protected Area

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

"Mariam", the Dugongs who created the miracle. Push for conservation The Cabinet approved a draft announcement of the marine protected area. With measures to protect, restore and conserve marine and coastal resources Dugong habitat And rare animals.

In mid-August 2019 there was a sad story of the Thai people When the little angel dugong "Mariam" who was strayed from her mother from the Krabi And was taken care of in the natural area where Libong Islands, Trang died After an autopsy, the cause of death from shock was identified. And found several small plastic bags blocking the intestines She became a symbol of marine conservation.

That event led to a push to conserve the sea and the dugong, the first marine reserve in Thailand. Including their habitats Born as a national Dugongs plan.

18 months after the tragedy Latest on 16th March, 2021, Asst. Prof. Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat Marine ecosystem expert And Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries Kasetsart University Revealed the good news that the Cabinet has approved the draft marine and coastal protected areas in Trang Province. This will lead to the conservation of marine resources, including Dugongs, which are important habitats in Trang Province.

The Cabinet approved in principle the draft announcement of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on measures to protect marine and coastal resources. In the Palian district Hat Samran District Yan Ta Khao District, Kantang District and Sikao District, Trang Province, with the determination of the area to use measures to protect marine and coastal resources.

Marine protected areas It covers measures including waste, pollution, onshore development. Take care of both fisheries. Travel Other developments In the draft, the area is defined as an area for the use of measures to protect marine and coastal resources. And establish rules shall be implemented in the following areas.

Area 1, Area Beach in the coastal areas and islands. By stipulating the prohibition to pollute and dump garbage that affects the deterioration of the beach quality Which may have impacts on marine and coastal resources Determine any act that may cause changes in the geomorphological characteristics. Or the natural state of the beach Or spoil the scenery of the beach Construction of a shed, gazebo, building or any other structure, including the placement of umbrellas, tables, beds or beach seats is prohibited. And driving vehicles on the beach And prohibiting changes in the area conditions and landscape adjustments.

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