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Meeting to Clarify Guidelines for Issuing Commercial Fishing Licenses Fisheries year 2022 - 2023

On Tuesday,1th February, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. at the Department of Fisheries, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Fisheries. presided over the opening of the meeting to clarify guidelines for issuing commercial fishing licenses Fisheries year round 2022 - 2023 and open training for obtaining commercial fishing licenses through the e-License system for officials of the Provincial Fisheries Office and the district fishery office through the video conference system.

The Resource Management and Measures Division Acting as secretary of the meeting There has been clarification on the timing rules procedures procedures and conditions for obtaining a commercial fishing license. For the fisheries years 2022 - 2023, including guidelines for issuing permits and rules for allocation of commercial fishing licenses Process for obtaining a commercial fishing license application and the process of inspecting fishing vessels and fishing gear The purpose is to let the officers know and understand how to proceed.

Information from : Dissemination and Public Relations Group, Department of Fisheries

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