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Meeting with The Department of Treaties and Laws Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On Tuesday, 22th February, 2022 at 09.30, Director of the Division of Fisheries Policy and Development Plans Along with representatives from the Legal Division, Department of Fisheries attended a meeting with the Department of Treaties and Law Ministry of Foreign Affairs via the WEBEX teleconference system on the preparation of Thai attitude for government meetings to negotiate the drafting of legally binding international instruments Under the United Nations Convention on the law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Concerning the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in non-state jurisdictions (Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction, BBNJ IGC).

This draft instrument relating to fisheries management under the framework of the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, including the high seas that are not under any other organization.

In this regard, a representative from the Department of Fisheries commented on the issue of marine genetic resources and benefit sharing Spatial management, including marine protected areas Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Capacity Building, including Cross Cutting Issues by which the Treaty Department will process the information obtained from this meeting in order to prepare a statement for Thailand's attitude.

Information from : Dissemination and Public Relations Group, Department of Fisheries

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