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Take Care of Dugongs and Rare Sea Creatures, Sattahip Sea

On 12th February, 2022 Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by Coastal Resources Office No.2 (Chonburi) together with Coastal Research Center ResourcesEastern Gulf of Thailand Lead the Sattahip local fishery group tourist speed boat Samaesarn diving boat operators group and a network of 15 marine protection volunteers organized a meeting to educate and listen to opinions on the implementation of the National Manatee Conservation Plan, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, at the Community Hall, Sattahip District Office Chonburi Province.

In this regard, knowledge and understanding were created in the management of dugongs and rare marine animals in the area including hearing opinions problems in the area suggestions Coordination with the public sector to conserve marine and coastal resources in the area.

Information from : Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

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