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Thailand has Successfully Taken Care of 67 CITES-listed Wildlife

Ministry of Marine and Coastal Resources This year, the Ministry of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Protection held World Wildlife Day 2023 on March 3 every year for the tenth consecutive year. Provide opportunities for young people and the public to learn about wildlife and plants. Encourage and create a sense of protection.

In the past, Thailand has shown clear in solving wildlife problems both domestically and internationally, The Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act B.E. 2562 has come into force there are 67 wildlife species listed in the CITES list, most of which are listed in List 1 as endangered species and are strictly forbidden to trade except for educational, research, or breeding purposes, nearly 60 of the 12 feral species have already started to declare possession for feral species people who own rare wildlife or exotic animals from abroad will be able to report their possession until September 17.

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