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The Gulf of Thailand is Still Plentiful, We Have Both Whales and Dolphins.

Updated: Jan 21

On 15th January, 2022 Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, Upper Gulf of Thailand. Explore rare and endangered marine species at sea. Samut Sakhon Province Continuing Samut Songkhram and Phetchaburi, 3 species of rare marine animals were found (1) Irrawaddy dolphin: Orcaella brevirostris, found spreading along the coast of Ban Laem. Phetchaburi Province, 15-20 body at the mouth of the Mae Klong River Samut Songkhram Province 15-20 body and 20-25 body found on the coast of Samut Sakhon (2) Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin: Sousa chinensis found on the coast. Ban Laem District Phetchaburi Province, 1 body (3) Bryde's whale : Balaenoptera edeni found on the coast of Samut Sakhon, 8 of them were identified as mother and child.

The other 6 Bruda whales, who could not be named and the veterinarian checked the health of the Bruda whale. It was found that the respiratory rate and respiratory quality were normal. The whales are in good physical condition and have tattoo skin disease (TSD) lesions on the skin of two Bruda whales. The veterinarian will continue to monitor the health of Bruda whales in the western upper Gulf of Thailand.

Information from : Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

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