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The National Fisheries Policy Committee drives all dimensions of resource management.

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

On 4th June, 2021 at 10:00 am, the Office of the National Security Council, Government House, Deputy Prime Minister chaired the meeting of the National Fisheries Policy Committee No. 2/2021, the Department of Fisheries reported on the progress of the subcommittees appointed under the National Fisheries Policy Committee. and board which consists of representatives from relevant agencies stakeholders and qualified

The Board of Directors jointly considered and agreed on 3 important issues: 1) Thailand's Sea Fisheries Management Plan 2020-2022 (FMP) 2) National Action Plan on Prevention, Deterrence and Elimination of Fisheries. IUU (NPOA- IUU) No. 2 and 3) Determination of measures for the investigating officer to submit the case file to the Settlement Committee.

As for the implementation under the Fisheries Royal Decree 2015 and its amendments, it was found that the outcome of illegal fishing cases has decreased. Because in the past there has been a public relations process to create awareness. Under the push of the National Fisheries Policy Committee Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has focused on building knowledge and understanding among the fishermen to prevent unknowingly breaking the law The Department of Fisheries has therefore prepared a manual for commercial fishermen which is known as the first public fishery law. Transcribing the law into easy-to-understand language is produced and distributed to fishermen in order to create a better understanding of legal practices and to conserve and manage resources to be sustainable, coupled with a stable fishing career.

The progress of the coastal sea zoning For the benefit of aquatic animal resource management, there was a public hearing from stakeholders in the area. and has a joint meeting of the provincial committees in every province In determining the coastal boundaries of all 23 coastal provinces, which are currently in the process of mapping and drafting Ministerial Regulations. To propose to the Sub-Committee on Screening of Laws considered before submitting to the Cabinet.

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