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The Results for the year 2021 on Corals and Seagrass

The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources is requesting a performance report under the National Marine and Coastal Resources Policy and Planning Committee. Coral and seagrass According to the data, Thailand has an area of ​​approximately 149,000 rai of coral reefs and approximately 159,829 rai of seagrass resources, with coral replanting activities of 150 rai per year and seagrass planting 60 rai per year. the sea to be complete is a diving attraction as well as fisheries in 4 provinces, totaling 4,450 sticks and together with Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Co., Ltd. and Chulalongkorn University Prepared a pilot project to use the petroleum well pedestals to position them as artificial corals. Currently, the results of the study showed that there are many types of fish that live in soft corals and coral reefs that grow well, It is expected that the future will be an additional source of aquatic life and diving attractions Complete the ecosystem and continue to generate income for the community.

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