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The Vessels Operator Jumped Into The Water to Save a Baby Dolphin Caught in Net

On social media Social clips are shared. Heroes don't have to have super powers. The Vessels operator jumped into the water to save a baby dolphin caught in a net. After the mother dolphin signaled for help.

Facebook user Manat Kongnoon has published an impressive clip of the moment a vessels operator jumped down to help a baby dolphin trapped in a net, stating that today's incident in front of Ao Tet, Khanom District, controller. The vessels operator is a very cute young man driving a vessels to see dolphins Accidentally turned to see a mother dolphin jumping on the show. therefore drove the vessels closer and found a baby dolphin caught in a floating net It is expected that the signal is sent to help because the mother dolphin jumps very high So he jumped down to save the little dolphins trapped in the net.

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