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Very happy! to See a Little Dugong Showing Off Through a Drone in Rayong Sea

On 3th December, 2021 Department of Marine and Coastal Resources by Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center, the Eastern Upper Gulf of Thailand surveys the status of dugongs in seagrass habitats using an unmanned aerial vehicle (Drone) to scout the area. Sea grass source Thung Kha Beach, Noen Kho sub district, Klaeng district, Rayong Province.

Area of ​​coordinates 12.4103 N , 101.4035 E. Drone survey results found 1 dugong swimming for food in the winter The sea will rise high during the day. coupled with relatively calm waves causing the seagrass resources to be relatively recovered and complete, The dugong therefore comes to live in the sea grass area from Noen Kho-Makham Pom Bay every year.

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