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Blue Swimming Crab

Fishery Improvement Project (Gulf of Thailand)


The Surat Thani blue Swimming crab fishery is an important export product for Thailand with an export value of 60-80 million USD. There are a number of critical issues facing this fishery, including the overexploitation of populations in heavily fished inshore areas, harvest of undersized crab and gravid females, lack of management plans or harvest strategies, and lack of enforcement capacity. Through the active involvement of FIP stakeholders – including the Department of Fisheries (DOF), Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA), Thai Crab Product Group (TCPG) – and FIP participants, the sustainability challenges facing this fishery are being addressed.

Fishing Gear

  • Crab Gillnet
  • Pot/Trap


  • Blue Swimming Crab
  • Scientific name : Portunus pelagicus


  • FAO Major Fishing Area: Area 71 (Pacific, Western Central)
  • Exclusive Economic Zones: Surat Thani Province, Thailand


  • MSC

Lead by

  • World Wildlife Fund – Thailand

Key Stakeholders

  • Thai Frozen Foods Association (TFFA)
  • Department of Fisheries (DOF)
  • Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR)
  • Academic Institutes
    • Kasetsart University
    • Walailak University
    • Ubon Ratchathani University
    • Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya
  • Civil Society
    • Donsak Small-scale Fishers’ Group
    • Chaiya Small-scale Fishers’ group
    • Ban Don Conservation Group
    • Phum Riang Conservation Group
    • Forest & Sea Conservation Foundation
    • Surat Thani BSC local gathering Center


Click me ! *** BSC Committee meeting report on Minimum Landing Size (MLS) (18 September 2018) ***

Click me ! *** Blue Swimming Crab FIP Update (From TFFA) (27th August 2018) ***

Click me ! *** รายการวลัยลักษณ์สู่สังคม ตอน ฟื้นฟูทรัพยากรปูม้า พื้นที่อ่าวไทย Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) ปูม้าของไทย ***

Click me ! *** FIP report on progress ratings (External – June18 final) (From SFP) ***

Click me ! *** Blue Swimming Crab FIP Update (From Fisheryprogress.org) ***


Step 1

Meeting with steering committee (Project Kickoff)

Step 2

Pre assessment/Gap Analysis

Step 3

FIP Stakeholder meeting / Action Plan Development

Step 4

FIP Action Plan Implementation​



MOU Signing Ceremony for Thai Blue Swimming Crab FIP 

5th October 2018, The Sukosol Hotel

BSC Committee Meeting

18th September 2018, Department of Fisheries

BSC Committee Meeting

7th August 2018, Department of Fisheries

Meeting with Agricultural Research Development Agency (public organization)

Preparation of additional research on Action Plan in BSC FIP

18th May 2018, ARDA

Meeting with research team from Walailak University 

Value Chain Analysis on BSC and MOU preparation with other university to exchange research information

9-10th May 2018, Walailak University, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province

TSFR Roundtable Meeting

7th May 2018, Department of Fisheries

BSC FIP Annual Evaluation with MRAG

19-20th April 2018, Department of Fisheries

Discussion on BSC Fishery Management Plan : BSC FMP

5-6th February 2018, Hotel Methavalai, Phetchaburi Province

BSC Committee Meeting

December 2017, Department of Fisheries

Stakeholder Consultation (Bandon Bay)

27-29th October 2017, Surat Thani Province

BSC FIP Regional Manager Meeting

29-30th September 2017, I-Residence Hotel

On March 2017, Thailand BSC FIP has been published as Comprehensive FIP on Fisheryprogress.org

and progress report for NFI Crab Council during International Seafood Show

BSC Committee Meeting

23rd January 2017, Department of Fisheries

Stakeholder Consultation and progress report for BSC project

20th – 21st December 2016, Hotel CBD2, Surat Thani Province

Stakeholder Consultation (Chaiya district & Chana district)

Research data on BSC Food chain and Eco Path 

17th December 2016, Surat Thani Province

BSC Committee Meeting

14th July 2016, Department of Fisheries

Risk-Based Framework (RBF) Workshop

30th June – 1st July 2016, Nipa Garden Hotel, Surat Thani Province

TSFR Roundtable Meeting

8th June 2016, Department of Fisheries

BSC Committee Meeting

27th May 2016, Department of Fisheries

Press release for Thai Blue Swimming Crab FIP (Gulf of Thailand)

25th May 2016, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

Thai Crab Product Group (TCPG) Committee Meeting

May 2015, Department of Fisheries

TSFR Roundtable Meeting

27th May 2015, Department of Fisheries