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Department of Fisheries Announces the Closure of the Gulf of Thailand in the Middle of the Year 2023

Department of Fisheries announces the use of aquatic animal resources management measures for spawning, larvae rearing Central Gulf of Thailand (Closing measures) covering some areas of Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, and Surat Thani provinces for two periods: the first period from February 15th - May 15th, 2023, from the end of Khao Mong Lai Cape, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province to Don Sak District, Surat Thani Province, an area of ​​26,400 square kilometers to protect the broodstock the mackerel breeders have spawned.

And the second period, according to the attached map of the Central Gulf of Thailand Closing Announcement and the contiguous zone starting from the tip of Khao Mong Lai Cape to Hua Hin District Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, an area of 5,300 square kilometers From May 16th - June 14th, 2023, so that young mackerels have the opportunity to grow and travel into the inner Gulf of Thailand.

For the reproductive age mackerel to continue to grow as a breeder by controlling high-efficiency fishing gear and affecting aquatic resources from academic studies, it was found that the measures were consistent with the life cycle of mackerel have the highest sexual maturity able to propagate effectively able to restore aquatic animal resources sustainably.

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