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Global Roundtable on Marine Ingredients Conference

On 3th November 2021, CPF participated in conference call “Global Roundtable on Marin Ingredient”, organized by Sustainable Fishery Partnership, SFP and MarinTrust who established the roundtable. The aim of the roundtable is to provide a platform for manufacturers, and end-users throughout the seafood supply chain to participate, in order to develop and drive sustainability policies in both the environment and labor to maximize benefits for consumers and resources.

In the meeting, there are two group of participant in the Global Roundtable on Marin Ingredient as follows:

1. Environmental organization and holder of sustainability standards: SFP, IFFO, MarinTrust, ASC, MSC, BAP andGAA

2. Leading traders and manufacturers:Nestle, Walmart, Tesco, Cargill, CP Foods, BioMar, Skretting and Olvea

The implementation for initial stage through the approval of the working group in the meeting as follow.

1. Area of ​​operation: West Africa and South East Asia.

2. The task for development.

· Promote raw material operations that is free from Illegal Unreported Unregulated, IUU.

· Promote the operation of raw materials from fisheries management that are effective.

· Raw material procurement and impact on the environmental.

· Procurement of potential and sustainability of renewable raw materials.

· The improvement on nutrition from raw material sources, Social Welfare as well as

Climate Change.

Organization structure:

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