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Department of Fisheries and TSFR meeting to update information for FIP in the Gulf of Thailand.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

25 June 2020, Time 2:00 pm. – 5:00 pm at Department of Fisheries, The meeting was hosted by department of fisheries, Dr.Vicharn Ingsrisawang is a president of the meeting. The attendees as key stakeholders are TSFR Working Group, Project Advisors, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kungwan Juntarashote, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Charoen Nitithamyong, Prof.Dr.Tuanthong Jutagate, Thai Feed Mill Association, Thai fishmeal producers association and the relevant departments from department of fisheries. The objective is to update information for the Gulf of Thailand Trawl Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) and prepare for a participation in the Marin Trust Multispecies pilot project. The key points are as follows:

The update for the project informs to the meeting is that TSFR working group has already submitted the Fishery Action Plan (FAP) since February 2020 alongside with 3A form according to MarinTrust requirement. Right now, the project is on the first stage of peer review process by MarinTrust Improve Programme Application Committee (IPAC), which TSFR expects to have a primary approval on August. After that, Governing Body Committee (GBC) will proceed on final peer review for officially approve the project in the Gulf of Thailand into MarinTrust Improver Program.

As a feedback from MarinTrust Improve Programme Application Committee (IPAC) asking a response for more information and clarification to the Fishery Action Plan (FAP), the attendee was considering to the reply, mostly by providing the information and document supports.

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