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Research Project Progress Report to ARDA

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) or ARDA has entered into a research subsidy contract with the Department of Fisheries on 28th June 2021 by approving funding for research projects. "Development and improvement plans for marine fisheries to increase the competitiveness of the sustainable fishing industry under the principles of international standards" amounting to 13,869,020 baht by the research project. The aforementioned research plans consist of 3 sub-projects The duration of the project is within 1 year.

The working group for the development of production systems and Thai fishery products (Thai Sustainable Fisheries Roundtable : TSFR) is responsible for the sub-projects in “Guidelines for the Development of Sustainable Trawl Fishery in the Gulf of Thailand according to International Standard Project” received a budget of 5,985,980 Baht for research subsidies from ARDA this year. The project has consist of 3 sub- activities as follow.

Sub-activity 1 “Analysis in changes and stock assessments of catches from trawl fisheries in

the Gulf of Thailand” Head of research: Prof. Dr. Tuanthong Jutagate

Sub-activity 2 “Impacts of trawling on bioresources and marine environment in the Gulf of

Thailand” Head of research: Prof. Dr. Shettapong Meksumpun

Sub-activity 3 “Fishing Ground Analysis of Trawl in Gulf of Thailand” Head of research: Asst. Prof. Dr. Sansanee Wangvoralak

The objective of the project was to assess the effects of trawl fishing in the Gulf of Thailand on fishery resources to create a database and map of trawl fishing sites in the Gulf of Thailand. In overall, the project is a part of the process of implementing sustainable fisheries in line with the Fisheries Improvement Project (FIPs) in order to establish international standards and certification for Multi-species fisheries, which will benefit everyone in the supply chain, the fishing industry, and aquaculture including exporting seafood, to be able to sustain the product in the market.

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