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The Development and Improvement of Trawl Fisheries in The Gulf of Thailand (FIP)

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

29th March 2021, Time 9:30 pm at Department of Fisheries, The participants are TSFR Working Group, Project Advisor Assoc.Prof.Dr.Kungwan Juntarashote, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Charoen Nitithamyong, Prof.Dr. Tuanthong Jutagate, Thai Feed Mill Association and the Department of Fisheries by Dr.Vicharn Ingrisawang, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Fisheries.

The objective of the meeting is to update the current status of the FIP project and to discuss the possible ways to coordinate information between TSFR and Department of Fisheries to MarinTrust.

TSFR has updated the current status of the project, FIP trawl fisheries the Gulf of Thailand to the meeting that the project now has been final approved ( by MarinTrust. This means the implementation stage has started and the fishmeal plant can proceed audit for approval.

At the same time, TSFR will coordinate with MarinTrust’s fishery expert to develop the Multispecies standard.

For coordinate information, the meeting has agree as follow.

1. Department of fisheries lets Fisheries Product Standard Certification and Evidence Development Division to coordinate and prepare a summary of the relevant divisions responsible for the submission of information to TSFR.

2. Department of Fisheries will coordinate the required information to the manager of the FIP trawl project.

3. TSFR will provide a template for list of information request to Department of Fisheries.

4. The information will be approved before submitting.

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