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The TSFR working group and The DMCR Institute Discussed Preparations for a Workshop to Review and Plan for ETP species Recording and Trawl interactions

On Thursday, May 16th, 2024, from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M., at the 6th-floor meeting room of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the TSFR working group met with the Director of the Marine and Coastal Resources Research and Development Institute and a veterinarian. The purpose of the meeting was to report on progress and discuss the next steps in the activities following the joint workshop held in late 2023 in Samut Songkhram Province. This workshop focused on developing practices for the treatment of endangered, threatened, and protected (ETP) species during fishing operations.

Currently, the activity is in the stage of preparing a manual for the treatment of endangered, threatened, and protected (ETP species) during fishing operations. A draft manual has been completed for trawl nets and blue crabs and has been sent to the DMCR for review and feedback.

In the meeting, the DMCR reviewed the draft and added important information. The revised draft will be sent back to the Department of Fisheries and the TSFR working group within the first week of June 2024.

Additionally, the TSFR working group informed the DMCR that they plan to organize a workshop to review and improve the recording of ETP species in the logbook format of the Department of Fisheries. Fishers, related associations, the Department of Fisheries, and the DMCR will be invited to this workshop, which is expected to take place around mid to late June 2024.

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