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Deputy Director General of the Fisheries Department Welcoming Representatives from FAO and Opening the Technical Assistance on PSMA Global Information Exchange System workshop

On Tuesday 23rd January 2024, at the Fisheries Department, the Deputy Director-General of the Fisheries Department Welcoming Mr. Pete Southen, Consultant MCS and PSMA Expert, and Mr. Gregoire Pichenot, Consultant IT Expert – GIES, who are representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and presided over the opening of the Technical Assistance on workshop. PSMA Global Information Exchange System

There were attendees from both external and internal agencies involved, including The Customs Department, Marine Department, Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Immigration Bureau, Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center, Fisheries Foreign Affairs Division, Fishing and Fleets Management Division, Fish Quarantine and Fishing Vessels Inspection Division, Legal Affairs Division and Information and Communication Technology Center To introduce the PSMA-GIES system and review its operations, and strengthen cooperation between relevant agencies within Thailand in complying with port state measures.

This workshop arose from the Department of Fisheries coordinating with FAO to request technical support for the global information exchange developed by FAO, namely the Global Information Exchange System (GIES) for exchanging information on ship inspection reports and the results of refusing ships to dock or use fishing ports to enhance the efficiency of personnel involved in implementing port state measures to further solve the problem of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU fishing).

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