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Take Action to Find Ways to Prevent the Continued Spread of Yellow-Banded Coral Disease

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Due to the yellow band coral disease outbreak, on November 9th, 2022, staff at the Marine Resources Research Center and the eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand, together with volunteer divers and the Marine Science and Conservation Activities Center, are working to find ways to prevent the spread :

1. In Staghorn Coral, follow up by dividing away diseased coral branches and transplanting undamaged branches onto PVC pipes. It was found that coral branches transplanted on PVC pipe showed no signs of disease. It has been shown that removing the diseased part can stop the progression of the disease.

2. In Boulder coral, conduct an anti-infestation experiment by grooving the coral and adding epoxy glue, and follow-up will be done.

3. In the process of coordinating with the Office of Marine and Coastal Resources no.2 to plan to organize activities to mobilize volunteer divers to control the outbreak of yellow band coral disease, which will begin in December 2022.

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