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Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Center Participated in The Review of Maritime Operations

On 7th January, 2022, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Office of Marine and Coastal Resources 4 (Surat Thani) led the Marine and Coastal Resources218 together with the Admiral 235 Sea fishing patrol boats 702, patrol boats 628, customs boats 806, port ships 1302 troop review training in training, search review training and arrest of offenders at sea (VBSS), planning to search and rescue victims at sea (IMO), control and prevent damage within the ship (Damage Control), with Deputy Secretary-General thai maritime enforcement command center as chairman for today is the training of search tactics and arrest illegal offenders in the sea (sea sector), damage prevention training (sea sector), training to help victims at sea (sea sector), ready to be assessed at the Samui Boat Station Command Songkhla Naval Base 2nd naval area.

Information from : Department of Marine and Coastal Resources

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